On The Road

16 Snapshots for Guitar

Product Number: HL50602064

Publisher: Ricordi

Medium: Softcover

Composer: Rainer Schrecklinger

After a journey, for a long time we draw on all the memories, experiences, and encounters with people and the impressions of fascinating creatures and landscapes. The compositions in this edition are snapshots to listen to. For each of them, I remembered a very specific image, experience or feeling I had during one of my trips, reinterpreting it in sounds. Furthermore, the pieces are suitable for introducing and establishing the essential separation of the three fingers of the right hand. The requirements for the left hand are manageable and most chords only involve holding one or two fingers down. –Rainer Schrecklinger

22 pages. Dimensions: 12.00" long x 9.00" wide.

UPC: 888680953508

EAN/ISBN-13: 9781540059109

ISBN-10: 1540059103