Good Thinking

From Plank Road Publishing

by Teresa Jennings

A Musical Conversation About Good Character

Good Thinking is a musical revue designed to give your students the opportunity to talk about, sing about, and learn about good character. It focuses on the one thing we have control over in a world with so seemingly little control: our own minds. The thoughts we think and the words we speak can have a profound impact on our lives. We hope that inviting kids to sing about their choices can help them learn this all-important life lesson. From Music K-8, Volume 31, this five-song revue could be used as an all-school production, or it could be used with one, two, or many classes. It's very flexible and adaptable and you can definitely add your own music or content to lengthen it. Includes:

  • Good Thinking - The opening song shares its name with the revue to set the tone for what follows. The lyrics help us remember some key "good" things like manners and habits. But the overall message is that "Thinking well is good thinking." Use this as an opportunity to talk with your students about the impact of good thinking such as decency, kindness, compassion, respect, and other attributes of good character. The style of the song is energetic and upbeat with a distinctive happy show tune flavor.
  • Don't Be Icky - As we usually do in an all-school revue, we provide at least one song that can be sung by your youngest students. For very young singers, you can use it with just part 1. Or, let some older kids join in with the optional second part and make it a multi-class tune. It's humorous and campy enough to appeal to most.
  • Character - This is probably the most important song in the revue because while the title is Good Thinking, the goal of that good thinking is to be a good person – a person with good character. The music for this song borrows the chord progression (sort of) to an oldie, but a goodie: Johann Pachelbel's "Canon In D." It's a charming backdrop, and the instrumental accompaniment on the recording is kept light and transparent so that the words are what shine.
  • Mindfulness - Probably one of the best and most effective ways to take care of ourselves is to become mindful. That is, to put the outside world on pause, even for a few moments, and go within. This gentle, simple song is a reminder of that. Slow and smooth, it has a slight rocking quality to it that helps encourage the actions it proposes. Written to be accessible to most ages, it includes a second part which is optional, but makes it particularly lovely.
  • Good Is Better - Bring it on home with this upbeat finale that is the culmination of all things, well... good! As with any ending piece, you'll want to crank up the music and the voices as best you can to let listeners feel the energy and closure of the whole revue. The simplicity of the lyrics allows students to belt it out (and the drums and power guitars don't hurt either). First in unison, then with an optional second part joining in, this rock march reminds us to do something good, be someone good, and give something good to the world.

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