Good Thinking

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Good Thinking

A Musical Conversation About Good Character

Good Thinking is a musical revue designed to give your students the opportunity to talk about, sing about, and learn about good character. It focuses on the one thing we have control over in a world with so seemingly little control: our own minds. The thoughts we think and the words we speak can have a profound impact on our lives. We hope that inviting kids to sing about their choices can help them learn this all-important life lesson.

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Strum Along, Sing Along

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Strum Along, Sing Along

A Collection For Young Players And Singers

Strum and sing along with this wonderful collection of songs for ukuleles and voices. Flexibility is at the heart of each tune as you can perform all of the songs with voices only, ukuleles only, or both! The tunes are very accessible for beginning ukulele players or for those with more experience, and a wide range of styles is represented making this an essential collection for your music library.

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Have You Heard About Our New Ukulele Method?

If you like Recorder Karate, you'll love this!

Ukulele Karate

Ukulele Karate

by Barb Philipak/music arranged by Paul Jennings

A highly motivational method for young players

By popular demand, we bring you the much anticipated ukulele method from Barb Philipak with dozens of songs arranged by Paul Jennings and recorded with the professional tracks you have come to expect from us at Plank Road Publishing.

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Convenience Combo Kits

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An exciting new format that gives you the best of both worlds!

So what is a Convenience Combo Kit? It is a kit that gives you the best of both worlds: a Teacher's Handbook, a CD, and the downloadable version of the music and recordings as PDFs and MP3s. Read more about this exciting option. >>

This unique format gives you the convenience of downloadable products, but with the feel and usability of real books and CDs as well.

We are now pleased to be offering many of our products with this option. So when you come to our web site, you will find that many products give you three options:

Kit (our traditional kit with a Teacher's Handbook and a P/A CD)

Downloadable Kit (with PDFs and MP3s)

Convenience Combo Kit (Teacher's Handbook, CD, as well as PDFs and MP3s)

These new kits are just a bit more expensive than regular kits, but they give you the convenience of being able to print parts from your computer instead of standing at the photocopier for eons.

Buy online or with a purchase order - As with our downloadable kits, you can buy them at our web site and immediately download the files. We will ship the book and CD soon thereafter. Or you can order by phone, fax, or mail and we will ship you the product and send a link to your e-mail address for the downloadable components.

Ordering Downloadable Products

We are proud to announce that it is now possible to order downloadable products by mail, phone, or fax. Here's how it works. >>

Order downloadable products as you would any other product. There is no need to order downloadables separately: Your order can contain downloadable products, regular products, and subscriptions in any combination.

If ordering by mail, please include a check or purchase order with the order. You can also order by phone or fax and pay with your credit card.

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