Music K-8 Magazine

Volume 32

2021/2022 school year

Sept. 2021 - June 2022

Music K-8, Vol. 32, No. 2 is now available.

Hear what's in Music K-8, Vol. 32, No. 2

Tune from the current issue of Music K-8 magazine.

Hey, Winter

by Teresa Jennings

Add some "awww" factor to your holiday performance and let your younger singers shine.

Read more about "Hey, Winter" or listen to more sound clips from Volume 32, Number 2!

NEW Choreography Video

Melissa Schott is back!

Our choreographer, Melissa Schott, has come up with some movement ideas you may wish to use with this fun holiday song from Music K-8, Vol. 32, No. 2. She demonstrates them in this choreography video.

Sign Language Videos from the current issue of Music K-8 magazine

Dancer And Prancer

NEW Sign Language Videos

Judi Thomas demonstrates sign language to accompany the song A Nice December Day.

Sign Language Videos from the current issue of Music K-8 magazine

A Nice December Day

Music K-8 has a new feature – "Diving Deeper Into The Music" interactive assessment PDFs.

These interactive PDFs are a wonderful new way to assess students' learning and comprehension of a few select songs in Music K-8.

Diving Deeper Assessment PDFs

Each Diving Deeper PDF includes a handful of questions related to a song in the magazine.

Students may answer these questions remotely by electronically filling out the form, saving their work, and sending it back to their teacher. Or, the PDFs could be printed and handed out in a classroom setting for students to complete by hand.

The Diving Deeper PDFs can be used exactly as they are, or you could use only the questions that suit your needs.

Have you discovered Student Reproducible Parts yet? They're a time- and money-saving innovation we're proud of.

And we're happy to announce...

Downloadable Student Parts

Read more about the advantages of Downloadable Student Parts.

Listen to Sneak Preview sound clips

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Music K-8 magazine is published five times throughout the school year:

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  • No. 5 - May/June

All subscriptions start with the first issue of a given school year (September/October) and include five issues. If you subscribe later in the year, you will receive back issues and CDs in a single package, so you never miss an issue. Downloadable back issues will be available through your online account one business day after your order is processed.

Special Features:
  • A complete musical revue (songs and a script) is contained in the first three issues of each volume.
  • The CD or downloadable MP3 files, available with each issue, feature Full Performance and Accompaniment Only recordings for virtually all of our songs. These high-quality recordings feature professional children singers and talented musicians playing real instruments.
  • Student Reproducible Parts, handy singers' parts extracted from all songs on the recording for easy, less expensive photocopying, are also available in physical or downloadable format. Click for more information.
Each New Issue Contains:
  • Ten or more original - legally reproducible - songs
  • At least one work for beginning recorder students
  • Photo Journal, photos submitted by teachers
  • Network, useful articles, songs, and games from subscribers

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