Strum Along, Sing Along

From Plank Road Publishing

by Karl Hitzemann, Teresa Jennings, Mike Wilson, and Paul Jennings

A Collection For Young Players And Singers

Strum and sing along with this wonderful collection of songs for ukuleles and voices. Flexibility is at the heart of each tune as you can perform all of the songs with voices only, ukuleles only, or both! The tunes are very accessible for beginning ukulele players or for those with more experience, and a wide range of styles is represented, making this an essential collection for your music library. Whether you use the songs for instructional purposes in the classroom or for a performance, your students and audiences are sure to enjoy these terrific tunes! A special bonus song, "Apples And Bananas," is also included! This collection includes:

  • My Ohana, My Hoaloha - Engage your students in singing, whistling, and playing the ukulele with this happy song. It begins with singing, then a rhythmic pattern for ukulele players is added using the chords C6, G, and F. Or, if players would like to be more creative, they can strum freely to the beat of the song. Inspired by the Hawaiian words for family ("ohana") and friend ("hoaloha"), we're certain your students will enjoy this tune and the fun, authentic sounding accompaniment.
  • Hip Hop Ukulele - This piece features the ukulele with a cool jazzy hip hop groove. It's a fun song for singers, too, especially when it breaks into harmony (optional). Or, make it a more focused ukulele piece without vocals at all.
  • Goodbye, Old Paint - Your singers and players will have a great time with this gentle, easygoing song. It dates back to the 1870s and is believed to have been written by an African American cowboy named Charley Willis. It only takes two simple chords to play this tune – F and C7. Use the provided written ukulele part, or encourage your players to freely strum along.
  • Mis Abuelos - Here's a song to recognize just how awesome grandparents are. It's written in easy Spanish, in that each verse is the same with one lyric change. Invite your ukulele (and/or guitar) students to strum along. They only need three chords: G, D, and C.
  • Give With Your Heart - A reminder of generosity, brotherhood, and good will is something we could all use. This simple, comfortable, and singable song provides you with the opportunity to include ukulele, guitar, and optional percussion if you wish. We even suggest some movement with scarves (also optional) to provide a lovely, flowing visual element to your performance. The ukulele uses the chords C, G, and F.
  • Monday, You Took Me By Surprise - You can't be sad when you play or hear a ukulele! "Monday, You Took Me By Surprise" is a slightly bluesy, laid-back Latin tune that's also fairly easy to sing. A rhythmic pattern is written out for ukulele, but if players would like to be more creative, they can strum freely to the beat. The five chords used are C, C6, C7, F, and G7. Several spots call for specific strings to be plucked, but again, make the part as simple or complex as you'd like.
  • George Washington Bridge - You'll love this song for the challenge it offers your singers. No matter where a syllable falls, you must keep singing the next. So, oftentimes you will end up on a "wash" or an "ing" or a "ton." The melody is a tune called "Sobre las olas" (over the waves) and was written by Mexican composer Juventino Rosas in 1888. This tune also features ukulele using the chords G, C, and D7.
  • Ukulele - If your ukulele students can play a C chord and an F chord, they can play this tune! The charm and fun of this little song, though, is the vocal part which uses the Hawaiian pronunciation of ukulele: oo-koo-lay-lay. There are three vocal parts, all of them simple and repetitive, literally.
  • Apples And Bananas - Bonus Song! - Using the chords F and C7, your ukulele players will have an opportunity to strum and sing along to a light swing version of this traditional tune arranged by Paul Jennings.

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About the Audio RecordingsAudio recordings contain full performance and accompaniment only (instrumental) tracks.

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Sound Samples

Song Title
My Ohana, My Hoaloha
Hip Hop Ukulele
Goodbye, Old Paint
Mis Abuelos
Give With Your Heart
Monday, You Took Me By Surprise
George Washington Bridge
Apples And Bananas

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