General copyright policies for Plank Road Publishing copyrighted materials regarding online/remote teaching situations

  • You may distribute purchased material digitally for online learning provided that you control the distribution and access is limited to your students only.
  • Digital usage of purchased physical/print products is allowed as long as you control the distribution to only the same students for whom you purchased the physical product. (Digital distribution cannot replace purchasing music, such as in the case of choral octavos or other non-reproducible material, but you may distribute purchased music to your students digitally.)
  • You may not post copies of our music, recordings, lyrics or anything from a product for anyone to access other than your students. (Videos of students performing our music may be posted as long as we are credited where the videos are posted and as long as the music had been purchased for use by the students.)
  • Posting or sharing physical or digital copies of our recordings, lyrics, or printed music with anyone other than your students without our permission is an illegal use of copyrighted material.
  • You may live stream or post recordings of your students performing our songs to school web sites (including instructional platforms such as Google Classroom, Schoology, etc.) and social media platforms (Facebook, YouTube, etc.) for friends and family members to view. We do not require that student performance videos be password protected, but please include our writer credits and copyright information with the recording.

Please read the above guidelines to see if your situation fits the above criteria before contacting us. If you are unsure if your situation is a legal usage of our materials, please fill out an online Permissions Request form below or Contact Us.

Permissions Request Form

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