Permissions Guidelines

Some Plank Road Publishing materials may be copied for classroom use by the original purchaser. Our copy policy is printed in most issues of Music K-8 magazine.

For any other uses, such as, but not limited to, copying music for contest judges, making videos for parents and friends or for cablecast on the educational access cable channel, using a recording on a school web site or blog, using a recording as background music for a slide show or computer slide show, making CDs for sale as a fund-raiser, making copies of music for use at a district or area-wide music festival, reprinting lyrics in a program or school yearbook, or reproducing artwork on T-shirts, specific permission must be obtained.

Your request for permission should include the following information:

Permissions Request Form

Items in red with an *asterisk are required.
Yes No

Please contact the publisher and not the distributor for permissions. We can only grant permission on Plank Road Publishing products.

Project is nonprofit.

Project is for profit.

School music program



If charity, specify: 



If other, specify: 

No profits are involved.

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