Noodle Toonz & Noodle Kits


What are Noodle Kits?

Gif showing Noodle Kit instruments

Noodle Kits are individual percussion packs for your students containing three creative and unusual instruments: Noodle Blocks, Rhythm Sticks, and Chime Plate with Bolt Striker.

What are Noodle Toonz?

Gif of a Scrolling Score Video

Noodle Toonz are downloadable singles written specifically for the three percussion instruments included with Noodle Kits, though you can use others. They come with Scrolling Score videos, and they're a fun, motivating way for students to learn to read music and play instruments.

Demonstration Videos

Noodle Ninja Demo with Scrolling Score Video

View Sneaky Feet - Noodle Toonz Demo * View Noodle Kit Percussion Pack Demo