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Ordering / Processing Information

Online orders are processed on business days only, Monday through Friday. If all items are in stock, your order will be shipped 2 business days after it is processed, and you can expect to receive it within 7-10 business days from then. Canadian orders may take slightly longer. (If you need faster shipping, please call us toll-free at 1-800-437-0832 for express shipping information.)

Purchase Orders / Ordering By Fax Or Mail

We do accept Purchase Orders, but not online. If you wish to pay with a Purchase Order, or if you wish to place your order by Fax or mail for any other reason, simply add items to your cart as you would normally. Then, when you check out, at the bottom of the first page select "Fax Or Mail (Offline Order)" as your payment type. After you fill out the necessary information, print out the page and mail or Fax it in, with your Purchase Order, if applicable. Please note that there is a $2.50 processing fee for orders paid with a Purchase Order or where payment is not included.

If you prefer, you can download an order form and mail or fax it in.

Visit the Contact Us page for our mailing address and Fax number.

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Plank Road Publishing only assesses tax on orders placed with a Wisconsin billing address. The rate is 5.6%.

If your tax exempt school is in Wisconsin, please send us your tax exemption certificate every year for our files.

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Shipping & Handling

U.S. Shipping & Handling Rates*
Orders up to $25.00
add $6.95
Orders from $25.01 to $60.00
add $7.95
Orders from $60.01 to $100.00
add 12% of subtotal
Orders from $100.01 to $200.00
add 10% of subtotal
Orders from $200.01 to $300.00
add 9% of subtotal
Orders $300.01 and above
add 8% of subtotal

No shipping and handling is charged on Downloadables or magazine subscriptions.

*These rates are for U.S. orders only. Canadian rates are below. Outside U.S. and Canada, e-mail, call, fax, or write for exact Shipping & Handling charges. All payments must be in U.S. funds.

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Canadian Shipping & Handling Rates
Price includes all duties, fees, and taxes EXCEPT on Showkits.
1lb. (1-16oz.)
2lbs. (17-32oz.)
3lbs. (33-48oz.)
4lbs. (49-64oz.)
5lbs. (65-80oz.)
6lbs. (81-96oz.)
7lbs. (97-112oz.)
8lbs. (113-128oz.)
9lbs. (129-144oz.)
10lbs. (145-160oz.)
11lbs. (161-176oz.)
12lbs. (177-192oz.)
13lbs. (193-208oz.)
14lbs. (209-224oz.)
15lbs. (225-240oz.)
16lbs. (241-256oz.)
17lbs. (257-272oz.)
18lbs. (273-288oz.)
19lbs. (289-304oz.)
20lbs. (305-320oz.)
21lbs. (321-336oz.)
22lbs. (337-352oz.)
23lbs. (353-368oz.)
24lbs. (369-384oz.)
25lbs. (385-400oz.)
26lbs. (401-416oz.)
27lbs. (417-432oz.)
28lbs. (433-448oz.)
Add $5 for every additional pound

No shipping and handling is charged on Downloadables or magazine subscriptions, but Canadian subscription rates are higher. All payments must be in U.S. funds.

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Non-U.S./Canadian Customers

Customers outside the U.S. and Canada may purchase any of our many downloadable products, including downloadable subscriptions, at Worldwide

However, customers outside the U.S. and Canada may not order non-downloadable products online. Please contact us by e-mail, phone, or Fax if you wish to order non-downloadable items.

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Ordering Policies

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Buying Single Music K-8 Songs

We do not sell stand-alone MP3s for any of our songs. For copyright reasons, the use of any song in a classroom setting requires the corresponding sheet music.

Hundreds of our songs from past issues of the magazine are sold as singles kits. These include the piano-vocal score, the performance/accompaniment audio tracks, and the student parts – everything you would need to perform the song. Similarly, dozens of recorder tunes are available as recorder singles.

Other songs have been released as part of song collections or musical revues.

Most of the rest of our songs have only been released in a past issue of the magazine. If that is the case, in order to satisfy copyright, you would be required to purchase at a minimum the magazine for the issue; the P/A CD cannot be used by itself.

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Downloadable Products / Magazines

We offer many different products in downloadable format. For questions and help with downloadable products, visit our Download Help page.

You may also wish to view our video tutorial on how downloadable products work. Tutorial video available

For downloadable Recorder Classroom issues and downloadable Music K-8 magazine subscriptions, student parts, or PowerPoints you must have an account, so that you can access your downloads and extras as they become available. See also:

U.S. and Canadian customers will find our wide selection of downloadable products in the Downloadables Store.

Customers outside the U.S. and Canada are invited to visit Worldwide, which offers downloadable products for immediate electronic delivery with no shipping & handling charges!

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Accounts / Usernames And Passwords

Plank Road Publishing accounts allow you to:

To access your PRP Account, click on "Your Account Login" in the top navigation bar. If you already have a Recorder Classroom account, use that username as password to access your PRP account -- it's the same!

Once you're logged in and on your Account page, you can Add or Delete Addresses, update your Account information, and update your Wish List and Wish List information. If you have items already in your Shopping Cart, you can also perform an Express Checkout from here.

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Gift Certificates And Coupons

How do I get one?

Gift certificates must be purchased online and sent with a E-card. They may be purchased in any amount from $5 to $500. If you receive one, it will say so in the e-mail that also links to your e-card. The e-mail will include your gift certificate code, which is 12 digits long and case-sensitive (capitalization matters!). Note that you can check your gift certificate balance at any time here.

Coupons are discounts given to Music K-8 magazine subscribers on a few certain items that we sell, such as back volumes. At the current time, we are not issuing general coupons for all customers. Subscribers should watch for special "Coupon Codes" printed on flyers sent with Music K-8 magazine.

How do I redeem a gift certificate or coupon?
  1. Online: Shop as normal at When you are ready to check out, carefully enter your coupon or gift certificate code in the code redemption box on the Shopping Cart page and hit "Apply." Your discount should show as an entry in your shopping cart.
  2. Phone: Call 1-800-437-0832 and speak to one of our friendly Customer Service members. Let them know you have a gift certificate or coupon to redeem. Read off your code, and the amount will be deducted from your order total.
  3. Mail / Fax: Fill out your order form as normal. Note on your form that you will be redeeming a coupon or gift certificate, and carefully include the full code. When your order is processed, your discount will be subtracted from your order total.
Terms and Conditions for Gift Certificates and Coupons

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Product Search

To search for a product we sell, use the Search field at the top of any page. This is a very versatile search feature.

The Advanced Product Search page gives you even more options and lets you perform a very specific search.

Song Search

To perform a quick, simple search for a song in an issue of Music K-8 magazine, enter all or part of the song title in the search box labeled "Music K-8 Song Search," which you'll find below the product search on every page of

For more song search options, or to search for an article in an issue of Music K-8 magazine, go to the Magazine Index page, where you have the following options:

Links to major pages are provided at the top of every page. If you can't find the link you want, go to the Site Map and check there.

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Sound Excerpts / Music

We are proud to offer high-quality streaming excerpts of all the songs we write. Most computers and mobile devices should be able to play the excerpts without difficulty. If you have trouble, update to the latest version of your favorite browser, or try a different browser.

Excerpts, Podcast episodes, and online sampler tracks are compressed; thus, the quality is not as high as when you buy our recordings.

MP3 Players
We also offer many free music files in MP3 format in the Downloads area. In our Links section you'll find web sites for downloading free Music Player Software that will let you play these songs.

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Pulling Up Song Information For CDs On Your Computer

Track information for our CDs is stored in the CDDB (Compact Disc Database), not on the CD itself. We strongly recommend using iTunes to open any Plank Road Publishing or Music K-8 CD. iTunes pulls our correct, official information from the CDDB, while other audio players may not.

Occasionally, your iTunes may not have up-to-date track information, but you can update it. Under the iTunes Help menu, search for "Get Track Names." This command should prompt song information to be updated immediately.

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Acrobat Reader

In order to download certain printable PDF documents we offer, you'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is a free download.

Download Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Other PDF readers are available, but they may not work properly with certain PDFs on our site - especially those containing forms.

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Security Assurance

Shopping at is safe. We wouldn't have it any other way. We want you to feel completely secure when ordering online and have taken the following measures so you do. uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption technology to ensure your full security on our web site. SSL prevents the personal information that you provide, including your credit card number, name, and address, from being intercepted and read by a third party as it is transmitted over the Internet. Our SSL software is the industry standard and among the best software available today for secure online transactions. Because we use SSL, placing an order at is just as safe as giving your credit card number over the phone.

If, however, you still feel uncomfortable sending your credit card information to us over the Internet, you can print out your order and send it to us by selecting "Fax or Mail" on the first checkout page and following the instructions from there. Or, you are welcome to call our Customer Service Department at 1-800-437-0832 to complete your purchase.

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Cookies does utilize cookies. Cookies are small, plain text data records temporarily stored on your hard drive. Cookies cannot gather information on their own (i.e., they are NOT viruses, spyware, or programs). Our cookies do not collect personal information from your computer. For more information about cookies or to learn how to enable them, please click the link below.

> Visit the Cookies Help Page.

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Cover Contest Information

To find out information about our annual Music K-8 magazine Cover Contest, download our article on Cover Contest Stuff You Might Want To Know. A cover contest template can also be found in our Downloads area.

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How To Contact Us

Please visit the Contact Us page to contact us by e-mail, phone, fax, or mail.

Change of address
Click here if you need to send us a change of address so your subscription can follow you through your move without interruption.
Permissions Request Form
Click here to submit a permissions request for special use of one of our products.

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Browser Recommendation

Whether you are using Windows or Mac, we strongly recommend using the latest version of whatever browser you choose. We regularly test our web site in Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Safari, and Chrome. All are available free.

We strongly suggest that you enable Javascript in your browser: You may not be able to listen to sound clips or use certain other features if Javascript is not enabled. Check in your browser's preferences area.

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