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Volume 29

2018/2019 school year

Sept. 2018 - June 2019


Downloadable Music K-8 Editions Available!

You can now order a completely downloadable Music K-8 subscription or a "combo" subscription, which includes both print and downloadable editions.

This tutorial video explains how downloadable magazine subscriptions work. Tutorial video available

FREE PowerPoint® Song Lyric Pages!

For each new issue, lyrics to virtually all songs recorded in the magazine will be on PowerPoints for you to use with projectors and any form of interactive teaching boards. Access them easily through your account.

FREE Choreography Videos

With each new issue, we offer at least one movement suggestion video by our choreographer, Melissa Schott.

Subscription Basics

All subscriptions start with the first issue of a given school year (September/October) and include five issues. If you subscribe later in the year, you will receive back issues and CDs in a single package, so you never miss an issue. Downloadable back issues will be available through your online account one business day after your order is processed.

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