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Ukulele Karate

Ukulele Karate

by Barb Philipak/music arranged by Paul Jennings

A highly motivational method for young players

By popular demand, we bring you the much anticipated ukulele method from Barb Philipak with dozens of songs arranged by Paul Jennings and recorded with the professional tracks you have come to expect from us at Plank Road Publishing.

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NEW! Downloadable / Fillable Certificates

Ideal for remote or online-based learning, these downloadable/fillable reward certificates allow one teacher unlimited use of the certificate with as many students as you teach.

Personalize the award with a student's name, achievement, date, and your signature on the interactive PDF. Then print, e-mail, or upload to Google Classroom or any online learning platform you are using to deliver it to your student to print or enjoy electronically. It's the perfect way to reward your students!

Ukulele Achievement Award Certificate

Ukulele Achievement Award Certificate


Diamond Head Ukulele

Diamond Head Ukulele

From Diamond Head

These Diamond Head ukuleles are fun and affordable, with a maple body and neck. They are available in five beautiful colors with careful workmanship and fantastic tone for an entry level.

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