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Music K-8 Magazine

So, what is so special about this magazine?

High-Quality Music

Listen for yourself! Here are excerpts of just a few of the dozens of great songs from the past few issues of Music K-8 magazine.

Catch The Rhythm (27/4)
A Brand New Song (27/4)
Our States Are Great - (27/3)
Fanga Alafia - (27/3)
Better Bundle Up - (27/2)
A Medieval Christmas - (27/2)
American Heart - (27/1)
Out Of The Ordinary, We Are - (26/5)
The Navy Hymn - (26/5)
Kick It Up A Notch - (26/4)
Down By The Old Mill Stream - (26/4)
In The Wild - (26/3)
It's Not My Fault! - (26/3)
This Holiday - (26/2)
The Brave - (26/2)
Awesome Animals - (26/1)
Unsung Heroes - (26/1)
Intentional Life - (26/5)
Let's Make It Shine! - (25/2)
Here Comes The Snow - (25/2)
Gotta BAG These Leaves - (25/1)
On Veterans Day - (25/2)
Saga Of The Three Ships - (25/2)
Positive (22/1)
Start Your Day With A Song (22/4)
We Sing Gloria! (24/2)
Give It A Rest (23/1)

New Music In Every Issue... An Incomparable Value!

A Musical or Revue in Every Volume

Network - Teachers Exchanging Great Ideas

Performance / Accompaniment Recordings

Choreography Videos

Projectable Lyric Pages

And Much, Much More...

All of this for an unbelievably low price! This is one magazine you won't ever want to throw out. Stop missing out: Subscribe or renew now!

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