Various issues of Music K-8 magazine.

Music K-8 Magazine

  • A "hands-on" magazine packed with new music and information in a usable, accessible format made just for kindergarten through eighth grade music teachers.
  • Each subscription entails five packed issues per school year.
  • Available in a variety of formats to fit your needs, including as a hard copy, as a download, or as a combination of the two.
  • Many of our subscribers use Music K-8 magazine as their sole curriculum choice.

So, what is so special about this magazine?

High-Quality Music

Listen for yourself! Here are excerpts of just a few of the hundreds of great songs from the past few issues of Music K-8 magazine. Click here to listen in a new window.

Earth, Earth (33/4)
Christmas In The Valley (33/2)
Room At My Table (33/2)
The Trieste Vessel (33/4)
Better When We're United (33/3)
Hanging Out With Friends (33/3)
Ready For Tomorrow (32/5)
Alexander's Ragtime Band (32/5)
The Bunny Trail (32/4)
Tiger Dance (32/3)
We Are Here (32/3)
Joy! (32/2)
Together Again (32/1)
Mozart's Symphony For Handbells And Triangles (32/1)
Tea For Two (31/5)
Feliz Día De La Madre (31/5)
I Just Wanna Dance (31/4)
Boomwhackers vs. Handbells! (31/4)
It's All About The Music (30/4)
In December (30/2)
Parade Of The Wooden Bucket Band (30/2)

New Music In Every Issue... An Incomparable Value!

  • Ten or more never-before published works with full rights for you to duplicate them for use with your students.
  • If you use only one song per issue, you will have saved more than the price of a subscription... a real value in these days of shrinking budgets!
  • Student Reproducible Parts can save you money and time, and are available in physical or downloadable format. Click to learn more.

A Musical or Revue in Every Volume

  • Each amazing volume of Music K-8 is full of great music, including a brand new musical or revue, which will be completed by the third issue. (Each song in the revue will stand on its own if you aren't performing the whole work.)

Network - Teachers Exchanging Great Ideas

  • Pages of great ideas from our subscribers, including: bulletin boards, games, songs, rounds, unit ideas, lesson plans, classroom management ideas, rewards, anecdotes about life in the classroom, and much more!

  • The regular Photo Journal feature includes idea-filled pictures from teachers all around the world. And since we pay for everything we publish, you may find that your good ideas and pictures will pay for your subscription... and then some!

Performance / Accompaniment Recordings

  • Performance and Accompaniment versions for all full-length songs in the issue.
  • The cost is less than $1.50-2.00 per song... about the price of an Internet download, but with rights to use the recordings for performances!


  • At least one sign language or choreography video per issue.

Projectable Lyric Pages

  • Lyric pages for virtually all songs recorded for an issue are available in PowerPoint format for use with projectors and interactive teaching boards (from Volume 22 onward).

And Much, Much More...

All of this for an unbelievably low price! This is one magazine you won't ever want to throw out. Stop missing out: Subscribe or renew now!