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Sing At First Sight - Accessory Poster Pack

Sing At First Sight - Accessory Poster Pack

32 Solfege And Rhythm Syllable Posters

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These educational 9" x 12" cardstock posters are an attractive music class decoration and an effective choir rehearsal tool. The full-color set includes individual posters for all of the diatonic and chromatic Curwen hand signs (labeled with Kodály solfège), plus a dozen rhythm syllable posters (on common note values).



45 Accompanied Vocal Warm-Ups That Teach Technique

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Each exercise in this invaluable resource is designed to reinforce fundamental vocal concepts for choral and solo singers of any age. Topics include: Beginning warm-ups, posture, vowels, breath support, tone quality, diction, dynamics, articulations, diphthongs, blend, scales, intervals, harmony, and more. The comb binding creates a lay-flat book that is perfect for study and performance.

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