New: Ribbon-style Belts!

Ribbon Reward Belts - The Essential Ribbon 9

Ribbon Reward Belts are a new way to reward your players' progress. They work equally well for both Recorder Karate and Ukulele Karate. These belts, which come in the nine karate belt colors, are soft, bright, and made from high quality ribbon. The loop is approximately 4 inches.

Colorful Award Certificates

These Award Certificates are ideal for recognizing your students' achievements. Personalize with a student's name, achievement, date, and your signature.

Downloadable / Fillable Certificates

Personalize the award with a student's name, achievement, date, and your signature on the interactive PDF. Then print, e-mail, or upload to Google Classroom or any online learning platform you are using.

Ukulele Award Belt Certificates

Downloadable/Fillable Certificates for Ukulele Karate

These beautifully designed certificates make the perfect rewards for your Ukulele Karate students as they earn belt levels. Certificates for each of the nine belt colors are available separately or as a money-saving complete set.

Ukulele Award Belt Certificates

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