Easy Concert Pieces - Volume 3

14 Pieces from 4 Centuries Clarinet and Piano Book/CD

Product Number: HL49046252

Publisher: Schott

Medium: Softcover with CD

Format: Book and CD

Editor: Rudolf Mauz

The series Easy Concert Pieces offers a rich treasure trove of easy-to-play musical literature for lessons, concerts and leisure time - carefully compiled by Rudolf Mauz from a pedagogical point of view. So the booklet is an ideal addition to any clarinet school. From baroque to modern, the pieces cover an enormous range of styles and provide variety.The piano voice is simple and ideal for student auditions. If no pianist is at hand, the professionally recorded CD is a “duet partner”.

Volume 1 (ED 22622) contains easy pieces that can already be played by beginners in the first two years of the lesson. The highest note of the clarinet is the a''. Many pieces move only in low position.

Volume 2 (ED 22623) contains pieces ranging in the clarinet part to c'''. The dreigestrichene situation remains however left out. Rhythmics, articulation and phrasing are somewhat more demanding in Volume 2 of the Easy Concert Pieces than in Volume 1. The selected pieces encourage the design of the melody and differentiation of dynamics, and various simple ornaments are included.

Volume 3 (ED 22624) contains pieces whose pitch extends partly beyond the c'''. The selection of the pieces aims at a promotion ofthe musical design and the individual expressiveness. This strengthens the previously acquired instrumental and musical-interpretiveabilities and skills.

54 pages. Dimensions: 12.00" long x 9.00" wide.

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