The Electric Strum Box Ukulele Complete Kit

Includes Ukulele, Book, CD, and More!

Product Number: HL274380

Medium: General Merchandise

If you have ever wanted to learn the ukulele, the Electric Strum Box Ukulele complete kit includes everything you need to get started. In the 32-page book with illustrated diagrams and instructions, you will learn how to assemble and string your new uke, correct finger positioning and posture, commonly used chords as well as strumming patterns so that you can impress friends and loved ones by playing 10+ songs right away. When you're ready, practice and play along with the included CD and crank up the volume by plugging your electric ukulele into an amp! The stage is yours!

Dimensions: 22.50" long x 8.50" wide.

UPC: 888680790141

EAN/ISBN-13: 9781488935114

ISBN-10: 1488935114