Classical Ukuleles

From Plank Road Publishing

by Karl Hitzemann

A Collection of Favorites for Young Players

We love ukuleles! They have such a wonderful, unique sound and they are accessible for players of all ages. We also love classical music – all those incredible, recognizable melodies. It's so important to introduce these melodies and their composers to our young students.

We have taken six well-known classical compositions and arranged them to work with ukuleles. The ukulele parts are designed to fit in with the original work, but the chords used are all easy to fairly easy to play.

Your young players will feel like they are part of the orchestra when they strum along with the high-quality accompaniment tracks. These recordings use real instruments played by real, professional musicians.

This unique collection includes the following (chords in parenthesis):

  • Beethoven's Ukulele Minuet (C, D7, F, G, Ami)
  • Ukulele & Trumpet Voluntary (C, D7, F, G)
  • Rossini's Ukulele Overture (C, G, Ami)
  • Vivaldi's Ukulele & Mandolin Concerto (C, F, G, Ami)
  • Haydn's Ukulele Serenade (C, F, G, G7)
  • Eine Kleine Ukulele Musik (C, D, D7, F, G, G7, Ami)

About the Downloadable OptionThe downloadable version contains all the components the print version would, but in electronic format.

About the Convenience Combo Kit The Convenience Combo Kit includes both the Kit with CD and the Downloadable Kit.

About the Audio RecordingsAudio recordings contain full performance and accompaniment only (instrumental) tracks.

Prod. #
Product Description
Classical Ukuleles - Kit with CD
Teacher's Handbook with Reproducible Student Parts & Performance/Accompaniment CD
In stock.
Classical Ukuleles - Downloadable Ukulele Collection
Downloadable PDF and Performance/Accompaniment MP3s: 37.2MB
Always available
Classical Ukuleles - Convenience Combo Kit (kit w/ CD & download)
Both Print and Download. Download is 37.2MB
In stock.
Classical Ukuleles - Hard Copy Book/Downloadable Audio
Hard copy book with downloadable Performance/Accompaniment MP3s. Audio download is 32.7MB.
In stock.

Sound Samples

Song Title
Beethoven's Ukulele Minuet
Ukulele & Trumpet Voluntary
Rossini's Ukulele Overture
Vivaldi's Ukulele & Mandolin Concerto
Haydn's Ukulele Serenade
Eine Kleine Ukulele Musik

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