Ice Breakers 3

From Hal Leonard

by Valerie Lippoldt Mack and Matthew Udland

66 No Prep, No Prop Activities!

Students today need to feel they belong and to know they are an important and crucial part of the team. Longtime educator and author of Ice Breakers and Ice Breakers 2 , Valerie Lippoldt Mack brings her brilliance in teaching, recruiting, and inspiration to Ice Breakers 3, clearing the way for learning by instantly bringing about conversation and making personal connections. These specific Ice Breaker activities encourage the building of relationships, as well as accepting and understanding differences.

Ice Breakers 3 introduces simple and high-tech games with a purpose and minimal preparation. Use the games at the beginning of your classes and rehearsals, during rehearsal as a learning break, or perhaps at the end while reinforcing current teaching goals. The games immediately involve the ensemble by shifting the focus from the teacher to the student from Day One. Your classes and rehearsals will never be the same. Life lessons are taught on a daily basis. Let Ice Breakers 3 help you change hearts and lives forever. Sections include: Meet and Greet, Races and Relays, Listen and Learn, Celebrating Diversity, Problem Solving, Support and Appreciate, and Additional Tech Support. (Grades 6-12)

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