Animated Musical Concepts

From Plank Road Publishing

by Teresa Jennings, Karl Hitzemann, and John Riggio

You'll really appreciate all that you get in this collection of musical concept songs that make it easier to teach the elements of music, especially with the added bonus of animated videos! We've even included videos for three songs that were in our first collection, Sing A Song Of Musical Concepts, which are "Forte Piano," "Every Good Boy Does Fine," and "Presto Largo." This invaluable collection includes:

  • Quarter Note - Here's a chance to focus on the oh-so-important quarter note. As you might expect, this light rock/pop tune is absolutely full of quarter notes.
  • Ode To The Treble Clef - Your kids will have a lot of fun singing and performing this '50s rock ballad about the treble clef. The lyrics mention that the treble clef is an old-fashioned "G" and that it curls around the "G" line on the music staff. It also states the names for each note on the line and space when the treble clef is in its "cozy spot."
  • Major Minor - Perfectly illustrating the difference between a major key and a minor key, this song keeps it simple by using C major and C minor. Also, we have gone for the obvious: Major equals bright and happy, minor equals dark and sad.
  • Give It A Rest - This light and bouncy tune helps students learn about the quarter rest. The ongoing woodblock rhythm gives it a tap-style feel while also giving a steady beat to follow for counting, singing, and of course, resting.
  • The Cool Bass Clef - Featuring a Fender six-string "bass" guitar, this laid back rock tune showcases an awesome rhythm section on the recorded accompaniment. The lyrics tell us that the bass clef is an old-fashioned "F" (sometimes called the "F clef") and that its two dots surround the "F" line on the music staff. They also state the names for the line and space notes when the bass clef is "sittin' right there."
  • High Low - This super simple ditty has one purpose: To teach your students to discern between high notes and low ones. While this may seem obvious to most of us, not every kid grasps the concept equally. We have actually had a number of requests to "say it with music." So here you go!
  • FACE - Here's a short, simple, super easy song you can use to teach your students the names of the spaces of the treble clef. Okay, maybe you didn't really need a whole song to teach this. But we couldn't help ourselves. The use of the pertinent notes make a beautiful F major 7 chord, which was just crying out for some '50s-style doo-wop guys singing background licks. Lots of fun!
  • Whacky Do Re Mi - Set in a hip-hop style, we feel certain that your students will enjoy this updated solfege tutorial best known as "Do Re Mi." The lyrics are light and a little bit silly, hence easy to remember. It's great, of course for Boomwhackers®, but since the song is in the key of C, it will work for any C instrument.

About the Downloadable OptionThe downloadable version contains all the components the print version would, but in electronic format.

About the Convenience Combo Kit The Convenience Combo Kit includes both the Kit with CD and the Downloadable Kit.

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Song Title
Quarter Note
Ode To The Treble Clef
Major Minor
Give It A Rest
The Cool Bass Clef
High Low
Whacky Do Re Mi

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