Musical Concepts Crosswords

From Plank Road Publishing

by Karl Hitzemann

Crossword Puzzles Featuring Musical Terms & Concepts

This new reproducible book is a great resource for all things relating to music. Inside, your students will find brief, easy-to-understand information about a certain musical concept or topic. After they have read the material, they can test their knowledge by solving the adjoining crossword puzzle. There's even a comprehensive quiz at the end of the book. There are 12 puzzles in all covering the following concepts: Tempo, Rhythm, Key Signatures, Time Signatures, Instruments Of The Orchestra, Dynamics, Melody/Harmony, Musical Periods, Musical Forms/Works, Modes, Articulations, and Intervals. This wonderful resource is clever, educational, reproducible, and fun for all. Musical Concepts Crosswords is a must for your music classroom!

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Musical Concepts Crosswords - Book
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Musical Concepts Crosswords - Convenience Combo Kit (book & download)
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