Ugly Sweaters & Other Festive Fun

From Plank Road Publishing

by Teresa Jennings and John Riggio

This terrific collection brings together seven humorous hits from the pages of Music K-8 magazine. You and your students will have a wonderful time entertaining audiences with these clever songs. There are even opportunities for adding movement and choreography to make it more exciting. Includes:

  • Ugly Sweater - What's beautiful to one person may be ugly to someone else. This song addresses both points of view in a comical way. Set in a foreboding classical style, the song really needs both parts 1 and 2, as they play off each other. Fortunately, the parts aren't too difficult.
  • Turn Off That Nose! - Oh, sure. That famous red nose may have saved Christmas when it was foggy one time. But it just keeps glowing and blinking all the time. How's anyone supposed to sleep with that going on? This lighthearted rock tune approaches the nose situation from a whole other perspective, asking the reindeer to please, "Turn off that nose!" The key to performing this easy unison song is to do so with comical intent. If you really want to make this one stand out, consider adding movement to it.
  • I Know About Snow - This homage to the fluffy white stuff is pretty fun to sing. It's set in a retro rock 'n' roll style, complete with bari sax and electric guitar with classic effects. The first time through, it's sung in unison. Then, we introduce part 2; and while this is optional, it's really cool. You might even want to add a few jingle bells to enhance it accordingly.
  • Hip Hop Elves - Elves now they have their very own hip-hop song! It's written in a relatively simple style so that you can vary which grades perform it as needed. We have included some optional movement suggestions right on the music, too. Costumes also would be the perfect addition to a performance of this tune.
  • A Kitty For A Present - This whimsical holiday tune has all the outward appearance of a cute little song about getting a kitty. Despite its seemingly normal beginnings, it digresses into silliness by the end of the first verse and spirals downward from there. In a lighthearted and wholesome way, of course.
  • I Want Some Pumpkin Pie - This is not "Chopsticks" in its purest form, but it's pretty close. Students will really have fun singing this familiar tune with the very imaginative lyrics. Comedy is the thing, as your singers should become more intense as the song goes along, displaying the proper amount of frenzy and angst. You can sing it for Thanksgiving or Christmas, or anytime pumpkin pie is being served.
  • Rock The Holly - What a great way to liven up your holiday performance. We'll bet your audience will even get in on the act, if not singing along, certainly clapping along. Maybe even dancing along! The retro rockabilly style is oh-so-fun and oh-so-familiar. Add movement to your performance with the help of the choreography video that includes a full demonstration and step-by-step instruction.

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About the Convenience Combo Kit The Convenience Combo Kit includes both the Kit with CD and the Downloadable Kit.

About the Audio RecordingsAudio recordings contain full performance and accompaniment only (instrumental) tracks.

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Sound Samples

Song Title
Ugly Sweater
Turn Off That Nose!
I Know About Snow
Hip Hop Elves
A Kitty For A Present
I Want Some Pumpkin Pie
Rock The Holly

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