BOOMWHACKER® BINGO - Vol. 1, Whacky Rhythms

From Plank Road Publishing

by Paul Jennings and Teresa Jennings

Now you can let the fun children have with Boomwhackers® help you teach musical concepts. With this game kit you can reinforce rhythmic learning and provide hours of educational enjoyment for your students. A lot of thought has gone into this game to make it a valuable tool for teaching students at various levels, and there are even options that let the game grow with you and your classes.

One thing that makes this game set special are the performance/accompaniment recording. Among other things, it features versions of the song "B-I-N-G-O" which can be used in several ways, including as a special challenge between rounds of the game to remember just where the performance of the tune stopped. (We guarantee a good time with this part.) But that is just the start. There are also a number of interesting instrumental tracks that can be used in various ways as you play the game. While the game can be played without the recording, there are instructions on how to play the game several different ways with different Boomwhackers® and with students of different levels of knowledge. Some of the things included in this kit are:

  • A detailed Teacher's Guide Booklet
  • Caller sheets, to be cut up for drawing by leader/teacher
  • A reproducible "B-I-N-G-O" Song/Play sheet with several variations of the tune, including Chromatic/Song Melody (for singing and playing), Chromatic Melody/Chords (for playing), Diatonic Melody, Diatonic Melody/Chords
  • A reproducible Boomwhacker® Orchestra part
  • 30 different play sheets, each with a different set of the 24 available rhythms. Each card is two-sided, with different note values and rest values on each side.
  • Performance/Accompaniment Recordings
  • A blank reproducible rhythm sheet, with boxes and a line for the rhythms, so teachers can create their own sheets to reinforce other things they teach

If you have discovered the extra dimension that teaching games can bring to your classroom, you will want to add this great game to your library.

About the Downloadable OptionThe downloadable version contains all the components the print version would, but in electronic format.

About the Convenience Combo Kit The Convenience Combo Kit includes both the Kit with CD and the Downloadable Kit.

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