Follow The Leader

From Plank Road Publishing

by David Ellsworth and Anne Ellsworth

What a happy movement song! With a very bouncy tuba setting the pace of this little march, your youngest musicians will jump up to participate in no time. The only lyrics in the whole song are "Follow the leader." They are sung to a very simple melody which repeats throughout the song with instrumental interludes interspersed. The interludes are provided as times for the movement to take place.

To use this as a game song, a leader from the group (or teacher) should be chosen. Whether standing in place or moving around a room, the participants mimic the motion of the designated leader. Alternate leaders every eight measures for a quick-paced game, or just use one leader for the length of the the song.

Besides being fun and allowing your students a chance to move, this song also reinforces some important learning concepts, such as sharing and taking turns. Additionally, students who are allowed to lead gain confidence and experience improved self-esteem as other students look to them for direction and guidance. (from Music K-8, Vol. 9, No. 3)

(Run time: 2:06)

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Follow The Leader

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