Littlest Christmas Tree, The

From Hal Leonard

by Teresa Jennings

This delightful creation is Teresa's first Christmas musical, and over the years it has been one of her most popular ones, especially with earlier grades as it is probably her simplest primary musical. It features six original songs, and can be staged in 15-20 minutes with almost any size cast. The story is simple and memorable, and though it is secular in nature, it teaches a valuable lesson of acceptance.

We have been privileged to see many different performances of this enduring musical, and it is always fun to see a stage full of kids in tree costumes having a positive experience. The Teacher's Handbook features all of the songs with playable accompaniment, as well as detailed staging suggestions and reproducible posters and program covers. The Performance/Accompaniment CD will make rehearsals easier and performances more polished. This may be a classic, but we can confidently tell you that this sweet little musical will capture the hearts of your students and audience this year just as it has for more than a decade. (Grades K-3)

(Run time: 15-20 minutes)

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The Littlest Christmas Tree - Singer's Edition
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Sound Samples

Song Title
Time To Decorate The Tree
I'm Gonna Be Santa's Tree
The March Of The Christmas Trees
Christmas Is

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