Partner Songs For The Developing Choir

From Hal Leonard

by Greg Gilpin

Singing In Harmony Throughout The Year

Partner Songs For The Developing Choir is designed to help teach harmonic singing through sophisticated melodies and distinguished texts, appealing to singers from upper elementary through middle school and early high school, and can even continue for the less-experienced or smaller adult choir. Some of the choral works are very basic in form and melodic writing, while others might include a bridge or "B" section or more intricate melodies, expanding the harmonic learning. This reproducible collection with helpful rehearsal suggestions and online access to Performance/Accompaniment audio recordings and Singer PDF parts can be used all year long with spirituals, Latin settings, multicultural, patriotic, Christmas, and holiday selections. (Grades 3-9)

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Partner Songs For The Developing Choir - Collection/Online Access
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Partner Songs For The Developing Choir

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