Quick Starts For Young Choirs

From Hal Leonard

by Cristi Cary Miller and Angie McKenna

Activities And Ideas To Focus Your Singers

Get your singers' attention with Quick Starts! Begin each class period or rehearsal with five minutes of creative, singer-tested activities to help focus and develop musicianship. Warm-up the body and voice with muscle movement activities, moving while you sing, and vocal exercises. Sharpen your singers' focus with games, tension breakers and ear training. Develop music skills with sight-singing, music dictation, music writing, theory, and more. Cristi Cary Miller and Angie McKenna share the ideas they have used in their classrooms and rehearsals with great success. Complete with graphics, photo demonstrations, and music examples, Quick Starts will get each rehearsal off to a great start!

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Quick Starts For Young Choirs - Book
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