Rockin' Poppin' Classroom

From Hal Leonard

arr. Tom Anderson

Your students will rock you as they play these classic songs in the classroom and beyond! Grab ukuleles, unpitched percussion, and Orff instruments to play arrangements written for young musicians. The Teacher's Edition features full scores of each song arrangement, and the Student 20-pak includes all instrument and vocal parts. Perform these songs with instruments or sing and play with the supportive, professional tracks on the Sing-Along CD. This collection is completely flexible to fit all kinds of situations. Stand by your newly formed classroom band and be happy! Songs include:

  • Happy
  • Home
  • The Lion Sleeps Tonight
  • Stand By Me
  • We Will Rock You

(Grades 4-8)

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Rockin' Poppin' Classroom - Classroom Kit
(Teacher Ed./Student 20-Pak, CD)
Add to Wish List UPC: 4294967295 ISBN: 9781495008344
Rockin' Poppin' Classroom - Teacher's Edition
Add to Wish List UPC: 4294967295 ISBN: 9781495008313
Rockin' Poppin' Classroom - Student 20-Pak
Add to Wish List UPC: 4294967295 ISBN: 9781495008320
Rockin' Poppin' Classroom - Sing-Along CD
Add to Wish List UPC: 4294967295 ISBN: 9781495008337

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