Mallet Madness / Mallet Madness Strikes Again!

From Heritage Music Press

by Artie Almeida

Mallet Madness

From master teacher Artie Almeida comes this exciting collection of over 30 activities for mallet percussion instruments and drums that will energize your classroom. Mallet Madness uses songs, poems, music and literature connections, and reproducible flashcards to promote learning in the concept areas of beat, rhythm, melody, harmony, form, and expressive qualities.

Thanks to its unique rotation system, your students will play all of the mallet percussion instruments in your classroom, as well as many of the non-pitched instruments. Whether presented as a unit or spread over a semester or school year, your students will love Mallet Madness and you will love the skills and musicality they develop during these lessons. (Grades K-6)

Mallet Madness Strikes Again!

A Collection Of Engaging Units For Mallet Instruments And Drums

Inspiration has struck master teacher Artie Almeida once again! Catch the fever and join in the fun. Mallet Madness Strikes Again! features all-new rhythm, melody, harmony, and timbre lessons designed for your mallet instruments, as well as the ever-popular Literature and Music Connections with lessons based on children's literature, plus a whole new Technique Builder section to improve your students' mallet skills. Complete lessons and reproducible visuals are sure to provide you with all of the support that you need to deliver engaging and exciting lessons for your young musicians. (Grades K-6)

Mallet Madness Interactive CD-ROMS

Companion Whiteboard Lessons And Digital Visuals

We are pleased to bring you the interactive whiteboard versions of many of the lessons from these favorite resources. Choose between Promethean or SMART™ software, and the rest is done for you. The whiteboard applications bring the original lessons to life through the use of colorful visuals and interactive tutorials and quizzes not found in the print edition. Don't have an interactive whiteboard? A PowerPoint® version is provided with both editions, so pick the version that you hope to have someday, and until then you can use the slideshow lessons to enhance your Mallet Madness experience. (Grades 2-6) Please note that these CD-ROMs are not stand-alone products. To use them, you must have the corresponding print edition of Mallet Madness.

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