Ultimate Game And Activity Pack For Orchestra, The

From Lorenz

by Artie Almeida

This fantastic collection from master teacher Artie Almeida features four unique ways to enhance your orchestra unit. There is a flashcard activity to teach and reinforce a variety of orchestral terms, an orchestra concentration game based upon terms learned with the flash cards, a game called "Instrument Families Of The Orchestra" which incorporates listening to and identifying specific instruments from the orchestra and the group of instruments they belong to, and another aural activity called "Clip The Instruments." There is a CD included with the pack that has all the aural examples you'll need. The pack also includes a suggested listening library of pieces that are very accessible and appealing to young children and some excellent orchestra web sites. It's a kid-tested, highly effective resource. (Grades 3-6)

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The Ultimate Game And Activity Pack For Orchestra - Game And Activity Pack w/CD
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