Hanging Out With Friends - Downloadable Noodle Toonz Single

From Plank Road Publishing

by Tom Crowell and Lynn Crowell

This is an effervescent pop tune that will instantly engage your students. It's really fun to sing, but not only that, the Rhythm Sticks, Noodle Blocks, and Chime Plate get to play eighth notes and quarter notes throughout the song. This Noodle Toonz Single gives your students the opportunity to practice reading music and playing fun percussion instruments! Please note: this single is included with Music K-8, Vol. 33, No. 3.

Noodle Toonz™ singles are written for a group of three lighthearted and unusual instruments: Noodle Blocks, Rhythm Sticks, and Chime Plate with Bolt Striker. Handy Noodle Kits™ (sold separately) include these three instruments and are available at MusicK8.com You can also use similar sounding percussion instruments if you already have them available.

This downloadable single includes full performance and accompaniment only MP4 video files for your students to watch, listen, and play along with. The videos show the scrolling accompaniment score along with three color-coded student parts. This single also includes full, accompaniment, and student parts only MP3 tracks, as well as printable B&W PDFs of the individual student parts.

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Hanging Out With Friends - Downloadable Noodle Toonz Single w/ Scrolling Score Video
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Hanging Out With Friends

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