Animated Boomwhackers®

From BLB Studios

by Bradley L. Bonner

Volume 1

This 15 track DVD contains Boomwhacker® games and lessons for students in Grades PreK-2. It can be used by just about anyone and requires a minimal amount of music teaching experience. It's a great way to get children involved in creative music play activities with Boomwhackers®.

Volume 2

Volume 2 includes detailed direction tracks for each activity that demonstrate the expected learning outcomes while the performance tracks encourage group practice and mastery. The 16 activities move sequentially and introduce players to the elements of rhythm, melody, harmony, form, dynamics, and style in a wide variety of enjoyable Boomwhacker® experiences.

Volume 3

The third volume in this great series has 22 action packed tracks designed for Grades 3-8. The DVD includes direction tracks, practice tracks, and performance tracks. The accompaniments for the activities cover a wide variety of music styles.

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Animated Boomwhackers® - Volume 1 - DVD
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Animated Boomwhackers® - Volume 2 - DVD
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Animated Boomwhackers® - Volume 3 - DVD
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