Come Home - Choral

From Plank Road Publishing

by Mike Wilson

If you're looking for a 3-part traditional Irish-sounding ballad to fill out your program, consider "Come Home." Penny whistles, acoustic guitars, acoustic bass, drums, and a string section round out the orchestration. Lyrically, the story starts with two verses (mezzo forte), then into the first chorus (forte). After that, you're back to verse three, a bridge of "oohs," then the last verse. Timpani and a cymbal swell lead you into the last big chorus with a decrescendo to end it quietly.

Our Plank Road Publishing octavos save you the time spent copying and binding and come in the convenient octavo size (7.0" x 10.25") used by choirs. (Please note: These octavos are NOT reproducible.) Also available for each song are fully orchestrated Performance/ Accompaniment recordings, beautifully recorded, and produced as state-of-the-art tracks.

(Run time: 3:19)

About the Audio RecordingsAudio recordings contain full performance and accompaniment only (instrumental) tracks.

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Come Home - 3-Part Mixed Choral
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Come Home - MasterTracks Performance/Accompaniment CD
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Come Home - Downloadable MasterTracks P/A Audio Only
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Come Home

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