Bells Alive

From Rhythm Band Instruments

by Bradley L. Bonner

Animated DVD Lessons

(Basic Boot Camp For Bells)

These animated, interactive DVDs have both video and audio and are perfect for introducing 8-note handbells to beginning players of any age. Bells Alive is very well suited for schools, youth bell clubs, church groups, and gatherings.

Bells Alive Volume 1 contains seven lessons and has 20 minutes of playing time, while Bells Alive Volume 2 has 16 lessons and 47 minutes of playing time. Bells Alive Christmas has 60 minutes of playing time and features "The First Noel," "Carol Of The Bells," "In Excelsis Deo," and "Handel's Theme."

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All 3 Bells Alive DVDs (Vol. 1, Vol. 2, & Christmas)
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Bells Alive - Volume 1 - DVD
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Bells Alive - Volume 2 - DVD
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Bells Alive - Christmas - DVD
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