Ukulele In The Classroom/Kala - Makala Classroom Kit

From Kala

by James Hill and J. Chalmers Doane

It's fun! It works! It's music literacy... The ukulele way!

Co-authored by James Hill and J. Chalmers Doane, Ukulele In The Classroom is an exciting resource for music teachers. It is a sequential, performance-based ukulele method through which students explore elements of music including melody, harmony, rhythm, form, tempo, sight-reading, improvising, music theory, harmonizing, arranging, and more. Above all, Ukulele In The Classroom is intended to engage students in a fun process that develops authentic musicianship and fosters positive attitudes toward music.

The Makala Ukulele has a rosewood fingerboard and bridge, a mahogany neck, geared tuners, and a satin finish. The handy Classroom Kit contains a Makala Ukulele, padded bag, black digital tuner, and a Ukulele In The Classroom student book. The Teacher's Edition of Ukulele In The Classroom is available separately.

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Kala - Makala Classroom Kit - Soprano Ukulele Pack
(Ukulele, Bag, Book, Black Tuner)
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Song Title
Rocky Mountain
Acadian Lullaby
All Night Long
Johnny on the Woodpile
In the Bleak Midwinter
Auwe Ke Aloha E
Lukey's Boat
Shortnin' Bread

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