Easy Ukulele Songs

From Themes & Variations

compiled by Denise Gagné

A Beginner Book For Soprano Ukulele

Easy Ukulele Songs is an excellent song collection to teach young beginners to sing and strum on the ukulele. The collection includes 32 folk songs with Performance/ Accompaniment audio access, projectables, chord charts, reproducible student lyric pages, and links to easy pop songs if your students want to play along. The first 15 songs use just one chord, followed by another 15 songs that are very easy two-chord songs. Then, there are two songs that use three chords. All of the songs require tuning the ukulele in the key of C. The Student Book contains the music and a CD for all the songs in the Teacher's Guide, plus it includes tips for playing, links to pop songs, and a chord chart.

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