Saman!: Dance Of A Thousand Hands

From World Music Press/Plank Road Publishing

Dancers kneel in a row, their arms weaving complex patterns as the tempo quickens. Their graceful, rhythmic movements are accompanied by body percussion and distinctive, chanted melodies. This is the striking dance form known as Saman. From the island of Sumatra, in Indonesia, Saman is a feast for the eyes and fun for the arms. Students ages nine and older (through adult) will enjoy this unique experience. Audiences will be mesmerized by it. Learning it is easy through this detailed DVD and manual set.

Saman! includes cultural background by I Gusti Ngurah Kertayuda, the director of the dance ensemble from the Indonesia Consulate of Chicago, and instructional guidance by ethnomusicologist/music educator Bob Walser.

The DVD includes:

  • An electrifying performance by a dance group of Indonesian young people from the Indonesian consulate in Chicago
  • Slow motion footage of each section of the dance, led by Ngurah, to make it easy for your group to learn the individual movements that weave together
  • Slow motion mirror-image footage of Bob Walser performing every section

The companion 8.5" x 11" manual includes:

  • Complete cultural context
  • Comments by Ngurah about the dance and his own training
  • The musical score illustrated with measure-by-measure photographs of the arm and hand positions
  • Costume and performance suggestions
  • Selected Resources List
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Saman!: Dance Of A Thousand Hands - Manual/DVD
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