Funding Your Music K-8 Subscription

Contact your school librarian. Often your school's library has funds that are allocated to purchase periodicals for the school. Music K-8 magazine qualifies as a periodical. Just ask!

Meet with your principal and list all the songs, activities, bonus downloads, and recordings you get with Music K-8, and remind them how this one resource helps teach all students of all ages in your school. Then, let them know the going rate for adopting a music textbook series. S/he'll jump at the chance to use their discretionary funds for this essential resource.

Present your case at the next parent/teacher (PTO/PTA) meeting, again describing all the benefits of Music K-8. They are looking for ways to spend that bake sale money, especially ways that impact all of the school's students. Bring a group in to perform one of Plank Road Publishing's many "Thank You!" songs at the next meeting as a token of appreciation. If you need help, this idea is a great example of how to ask your PTO for money.

Set up an online fund-raising account, such as with Be sure to request items found in the Music K-8 Marketplace on Amazon (though currently you cannot order a subscription there), or submit a Special Request to purchase items off of (Music K-8 and Plank Road Publishing are considered "Special Request Vendors").

Parents are a great resource. Just ask! Many parents are asked to contribute to the sports programs with participation fees, equipment purchases, etc. Parents may not blink an eye if they are asked to contribute towards your Music K-8 magazine curriculum! Add your subscription request to your Wish List, then print the PDF letter to share with your school's parents.

Local businesses may be willing to support the arts. Contact your city's merchants and business owners and plead your case. Each business may contribute a portion towards a subscription, or you may get lucky and one will pay the entire subscription price. Make sure to acknowledge contributing businesses in the newspaper or in the program of your next concert.

Ask a local philanthropist. $100 for them may be pocket change! You may get your subscription paid for just by having your students perform at a civic event or fund-raising gala. These events are great for public exposure and "feel-good" news stories. Remember to notify your local media, and additional donations may roll in after the event!

Find a sponsor. Softball teams have sponsors, why shouldn't you? Name your performing group "Music K-8" and go on the road. Your sponsor would pay for your subscription and maybe even travel expenses and T-shirts. Of course, everywhere you go the advertising would read, "Music K-8 sponsored by Zippy Toad's Emporium."

For more fund-raising ideas, go to the School Music Matters Idea Bank and choose "Fund-Raising" from the Subject Search pull-down menu.