Use this flyer to tell people how to find your Wish List. Remember that your Wish List can only be viewed by others if you mark it as a "Public" Wish List. (To change from a private to a public account, log in, then click the "View or edit your account information" link.)

PDF With Fillable Form Fields

Wish List Flyer with Form Fields

Wish List flyer with fillable form fields: Fill out your information and then print or e-mail copies to students' parents, or to family and friends, so they know what presents to buy for your classroom.

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Download the flyer. In Acrobat Reader, you can fill out the information you want to include (not all is required), and then send it or print it out. (If you e-mail it, viewers can click the link to go to the Wish List search page.) Or just print the blank form and fill it in by hand before photocopying.