Amazing Music! Thanks for making my life so much easier.

- BC

THANK YOU for making my job so much easier!

- Wisconsin

Music K-8 is perfect for general music and my beginning choir 4th -6th grade. Students love your music. Just what I need during distance learning as well

- California

Your songs and arrangements are brilliant for singing in my primary school. Thank you!

- United Kingdom

Thank you everyone at Plank Road. You made distance learning possible for my kids.

- California

When I was student teaching in 1997, I got my first magazine, and since then I have LOVED using your music. I LOVE it, and it has been the main part of music I have used. I have moved from public school to private, and now it is an even more valuable resource and tool for me. THANK YOU!!!!!

- Minnesota

I have been a nonstop subscriber to Music K-8 since Volume 7. You all mean so much to me! When I bring out a new chorus song, the first thing they ask is, "Did the same lady (Teresa) write this one?" They might stage a revolt if I say no! I want you to know that I will continue to be a subscriber (and your biggest fan)!

- Florida

I love your magazine! I have every issue from Volume 12 to the current. I have renewed my subscription. You are such an important resource for music teachers like me.

- California

I’ve been a music teacher in the school system in Canada for 35 years and I’ve always loved your products. I am a huge fan of your company and the music you provide for us. You guys are amazing. I find myself mentoring many new music teachers, and I will continue to share what your company offers. Keep up the good work.

- Canada

I just wanted to thank you for the great classroom musicals over the years. Anything I ever did of yours was great! Thank you for your high standards and excellent materials. Please know you are SO appreciated by so many.

- Delaware

[I’ve] been teaching from your amazing works for years; they are the BEST!!

- Wisconsin

Thank you for ALL you do! I appreciate all of the opportunities you provide for my students - cover contest, video content, songs, musical ideas, etc.

- California

I am happy to renew my subscription! I couldn't live without Music K-8! My concert repertoire depends on you!!!

- Florida

A big, grateful, sincere, and joyous thank-you for Teresa and Paul Jennings, the publishing house, composers and writers, the staff. Everyone! I have been using Music K-8 for many years, and last night I did 3 selections from Recorder Classroom and 2 chorus selections from Nov/Dec. 2018. My best music program ever at 22 years. The music was inspiring, driving, uplifting, and thoroughly enjoyed by me, the students, and our audience. I could have done it without you, but I am so glad that I chose your music! As always and like many, many others, I love Plank Road Publishing!

- Florida

Best composers for children's music. Thank you for all your inspiration.

- Maryland

I am thankful for the work you all do on every tune you make!

- Virginia

Best customer service ever! Thank you!

- Arkansas

I have been using this magazine for years and love it!

- Pennsylvania

Fellow music teachers recommended your Music K-8 Magazine. And I love it!! You all do a fantastic job!

- Wisconsin

I have been using your products for over 20 years. Love them!

- Florida

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