Look To The Light - Hanukah

From World Music Press/Plank Road Publishing

by Rabbi Dan Grossman/music by Meira Warshauer

This Hanukah song, with words by Rabbi Dan Grossman and music by Meira Warshauer, features the following three historic events that celebrate freedom and unity.

  1. 164 B.C.E. A small band of Maccabees was victorious over the Syrian army and rededicated the Temple by lighting the first Hanukah lights.
  2. December 25, 1777. At Valley Forge, George Washington was inspired by a young Jewish soldier to renew his determination to fight for victory.
  3. December 1993. The entire town of Billings, Montana, put paper menorahs in their windows in support of the Jewish community that had been attacked by skinheads.

Narration is included. This is sure to become an all-state selection. SA; SAT/B.

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Look To The Light - Hanukah - SA with Piano Choral
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Look To The Light - Hanukah - SAT/B with Piano Choral
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Look To The Light (demonstration)

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