Woods, Metals, Shakers, Skins

From Lorenz

by Artie Almeida

Hoop Group Activities For Your Active Music Classroom

Have you ever wondered how to use all of the various percussion instruments you've picked up throughout the years to deliver rigorous music education? This book has the answer. Artie Almeida shares her best strategy for classroom percussion instruments, using plastic hoops to organize the class. Hoop Group Stations give students the chance to play instruments from a specific percussion family and students can easily rotate stations to play a new set of instruments. They'll will have the time of their lives as they experience different timbres and playing techniques, and with Artie's 22 in-depth lessons, they will be focused on learning at the same time. (Grades K-5)

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Woods, Metals, Shakers, Skins - Book w/Digital Access
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