Show Stoppers

From Viegansong Press

by Tim Wiegand

Performance Pieces for Orff Ensembles

Show Stoppers is a songbook filled with 10 performance pieces intended for Orff Schulwerk elementary music classrooms. This publication includes practical classroom adaptations and suggestions for performances. If you're looking for performance pieces to build an entire concert around, then Show Stoppers is the book for you!

Show Stoppers also includes a CD to help guide your rehearsals, or for use in the general classroom setting. The CD features singer Caitrianne Bristol. On the CD you will also find a blank template to create a PowerPoint® presentation for the song "Tender Care." Other songs include:

  • The Clown Dance
  • That 50's Song
  • Splash Of Blue
  • The School Rock
  • Kingston Market
  • The Caisson Song
  • and more

Your kids will enjoy these creative, innovative, and exciting compositions.

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Show Stoppers - Book/CD
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