Get To The Point!

From Heritage Music Press

by Artie Almeida and Katie Grace Miller

A Collection Of Pointing Pages And Powerful Plans

Playing meets pedagogy in this collection of powerfully productive lesson plans, precision-crafted by Artie Almeida and up-and-coming educator Katie Grace Miller.

Using the manipulatives that are at the core of this resource, your students will point their way to an understanding of numerous music concepts. Each of these 15 lessons outlines multiple step-by-step ideas for how the students can interact with the pointing pages. You can also feel free to pick and choose a single activity or, for the full experience, present the entire plan to your students. All of the pointing pages are available as full-color digital files, which you may project or print to create bright, engaging visual aids. Getting to the point of your lesson has never been easier! (Grades K-3)

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Get To The Point! - Book/CD
Teaching Guide and CD with Printable Resources
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