Get In The Groove

From Lorenz

by Donna Dirksing and Cathy Blair

Discovering Jazz Using Orff And Classroom Instruments

The jazz chops of Cathy Blair meet the accessible Orff approach of Donna Dirksing in this exciting introduction to improvisation and other jazz concepts. (Not quite sure what "chops" are? Don't worry; it's defined in the Glossary.) Organized in three sections - Jazz Is Rhythm, Jazz Is Melody, and Jazz Is Form - each follows the sequence of speech to body percussion to singing and playing instruments used in Orff lessons. And with more than a dozen Orff arrangements, your students will be doing plenty of playing. The CD features many speech and instrument echo examples, demo recordings of the Orff ensembles, and optional accompaniment tracks for improvisation, many of which feature a real rhythm section. (Grades 2-6)

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Get In The Groove - Book/CD
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