December 'Round The World

From Hal Leonard

by John Jacobson and Roger Emerson

An International Holiday Celebration

Celebrate December traditions and discover the special preparations for the Chinese New Year; the German St. Nicholas Day tradition of a pickle hidden in the Tannenbaum; the seven principles of Kwanzaa from African ancestors; the miracle and lights of Jewish Hanukkah; the festive atmosphere of Mexico's Las Posadas; and Christmas American-style. Share the universal messages of peace, hope, and goodwill in your school and community throughout the entire year.

Ideal for upper elementary to middle school performers, this 40-minute holiday revue features seven engaging, original songs for unison voices with some optional harmony, connecting narration easily adapted to casts of varying sizes, and helpful choreography and production tips. The songs include:

  • December 'Round The World
  • La Piñata
  • Happy New Year (Gung Hay Fat Choy)
  • Pickle In The Tannenbaum
  • Jump At The Sun
  • Miracle Of Lights
  • December In America

(Grades 4-8)

(Run time: 40 minutes)

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December 'Round The World - Teacher's Edition
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December 'Round The World - Singer's Edition 5-Pak
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December 'Round The World - Performance/Accompaniment CD Only
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December 'Round The World - Performance Kit
(Teacher's Ed., 10 Singer's Ed., Performance/Accompaniment CD)
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December 'Round The World

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