Brought To You By... A Commercial Revue

From Warner Brothers

by Robert de Frece and Sue Harvie

A Comedic Musical With Orff Ensemble Accompaniment

Sure to be a hit with teachers and students alike, this revue features 30 minutes of commercials uninterrupted by regular programming but accompanied by Orff instruments. The commercials may be presented in their entirety or performed separately as humorous inserts for school concerts or programs. Students and audiences will laugh hysterically over "Couch Potato Workout-Infomercial," "What's My Line, Anyway?," and six other commercials containing 23 musical numbers - 15 of these include vocals (all unison plus one canon). And there are plenty of ways to work this musical into your music curriculum, including a variety of musical styles and songs that make reviewing note names and the treble staff lots of fun. Simple staging, costume, and props suggestions are provided. (Grades 4-8)

(Run time: 30 minutes)

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Brought To You By... A Commercial Revue - Book
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