On The Shoulders Of Giants

From Hal Leonard

by John Jacobson and Mac Huff

Honoring Those Who Paved Our Way

Join us as we pay tribute to leaders and heroes who have come before us and paved our way so we can live as we do today. Ben Franklin - author, inventor, scientist, diplomat - there's nothing he couldn't do. At the "great invention convention," learn about the contributions of Alexander Graham Bell, Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, and George Washington Carver. Others were statesmen, literary giants, artists, teachers, soldiers, doctors, and those who worked for civil and human rights. This musical features six original songs with connecting script and over 50 speaking parts, adaptable to various cast sizes. The Teacher's Edition is filled with quality performance material including piano/vocal arrangements and choreography, script, and helpful production guide. Dialog is not recorded. (Grades 4-8)

Handbook will contain the online access code.

(Run time: ca. 35 minutes)

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On The Shoulders Of Giants - Teacher's Edition
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From On The Shoulders Of Giants

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