Musicplay For Kindergarten

From Themes & Variations

by Denise Gagné

The Kindergarten Musicplay program has been written to be a complete cross-curricular approach to teaching music and to teaching other subject areas through music. Musical concepts are taught through traditional and composed action songs, singing games, sing-along songs, chants, and activities. These are just a few of the themes and academic areas that are included:

  • names
  • colors
  • shapes
  • numbers
  • alphabet
  • fall
  • Halloween
  • pumpkins
  • Thanksgiving
  • peace
  • friends
  • families
  • whales
  • beaches
  • dinosaurs
  • helmet safety
  • traffic safety
  • and many more!

This is a program for both the kindergarten classroom teacher and the music specialist with a real emphasis on integrating learning through music. Songs are uptempo, with a contemporary sound, and provide an excellent vocal model for children. With more than 170 songs on six performance/accompaniment CDs, this is a comprehensive music program for kindergarten!

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Musicplay For Kindergarten - Teacher's Guide/Six CDs
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