B A Marching Monster

Veektor BeanzAndFrankzenstein/arr. Paul Jennings

For this issue, Paul sure got to have a good time writing for orchestra, as you can hear! With this recorder piece, we are transported into a cool, old black-and-white monster movie, complete with theremin and eerie sound effects. (If you're interested in following along with the piano score so you can see what's going on, you can get a copy on our web site. See details following.)

The recorder players only need to play B and A, but they have plenty to do. For instance, in the section at measure 17, your young monsters can march! For safety's sake, we recommend that half of them march (hands straight out in front of them, Frankenstein-style) while the others stay put. As a teaching alternative, let them play the B, staying in place (no moving), then stretch their hands out, bringing them carefully back in time to play the next B. It gives them a chance to remember correct position, et al.

As an extra bit of fun and learning, note that there is a classic "Wilhelm" yell at the end, one that has been featured in hundreds of films (and a number of our pieces, too!) through the years, including many your kids may have seen. You can look up the information link on our Links page, and even see an embedded YouTube™ video safely through our video section at MusicK8.com

Yes, mahster... have a great time with this horrifying new work!

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Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.