There Will Be Peace

by Mike Wilson

This good old-fashioned, peace and love song will have your audience singing along. With the 6/8 meter, you will hear lots of acoustic guitar, drums, bass, piano, percussion, and strings. Hand a few of your students tambourines and let them play along on beat four of each measure during the choruses. The melody is simple and repetitive like…uh…a sing-along. Perfect for bringing your audience into the experience. If you want the reinforcement, we have created an additional instrumental track version with congregation on our web site. (See details following.)

We start with a full chorus and work our way into the only verse of the song. The chorus repeats, then the last half of the chorus is repeated three more times. The vocal line is unison, however, the last three times through the chorus offers one of your singers a chance to shine with a descant. It is a written part, but your soloist should feel free to sing it as she/he feels it. Our soloist, Holly McDaniel, demonstrates this beautifully.

As the majority of today's current events have to do with peace, the quest for, or the lack thereof, cross curricular applications and discussion opportunities abound. How appropriate it would be to remind our students to honor those, both in and out of our armed forces, who strive for peace.

(Note: The word "brothers" is consistent with the old-fashioned style. But you may certainly substitute "people" instead, if you prefer.)

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Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.