Happy Heart

by David & Anne Ellsworth

The start of the school year can be a tough experience for your youngest students. To help you help them transition into a school routine, we offer a conceptual happy tune in "Happy Heart." The first lyric says that we're "working on our happy." When we say "working on" anything, we mean that we're practicing something. We teach our kids that you can choose your moods, if you think about it. The lyrics sing that idea, followed by "feels so good to know it!" Kids have more control than they know over their moods - as we all do, in truth. Starting them young on this concept may be a valuable tool for them now and in the future.

Our layered guitars and synthesizers make the simulated musical heartbeat really exciting! When we think of younger singers, we think movement and tempo. It gets and keeps their attention in music class, so we often lean in that direction. "Happy Heart" is definitely one of those songs! Each lyric suggests a specific action you can encourage your classes to follow. For example, for "Feels so good to know it!" in verse one, invite them to rub their chest where their heart is, or hug themselves. "Shuffle feet!" in verse two invites them to do a little dance. "Flying 'round the room now," in verse two, well, you get the point. Helping kids feel confident in themselves is what it's all about.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.